Romantic Love Poems


A YahYah Consciousness

Crowned With A Yahya Consciousness
And Yes, I'm Blessed
Enlightened In Every Direction
Like Being Baptized Into Perfection
A Yahya Consciousness
Master Of All Trades & The Jack Of None
I Recline In A Tub Of His Wisdom
Until I Come
Up To His Level
Be-Knighted By His Light
Delighted By His Might
Excited By His Righ-
Teousness ...
I Confess
That I Have Surrendered To A Yahya Consciousness
A Fruit, Who Is The Best
The Best That A Tree Can Bare
Making The Sun & Universe Fully Aware
Feeling Him From The Bottom Of My Soles
To The Roots Of My Hairs
A Yahya Consciousness
Presenting Me Wit A Dare
To Determine if I Can Bare
All That He Has To Share
He Takes Time To Prepare,
For The Future
By Healing The Past
Accepting The Gifts Of The Present
Like Treasures Buried Deep In The Inner Places ...
In the Outer Spaces
An All-In-All Awareness Made Manifest
A Yahya Consciousness
Is Like A Ride Thru Time
Running Circles Thru My Mind
Like The Life That Flows Thru My Vines
Every 8.20 That I Incline
But Wait ...
A Yahya Consciousness Is More Than Just A Rhyme
More Than Just A Journey Thru Time
For He Is A Force That Declares That I Could Be His
And He Could Be Mine ...

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


Black Consciousness Awakening

We Adapt ...

We Adapt
Even With All The Germs
And Filth In The Atmosphere
We Adapt
Because We Black
We Adapt To Whatever Challenge Is Presented
As A Matter Of Fact
We All Be Taller Than Six Feet Tall
And We Got It All
A Multitude Of Gorgeous Children
And He Gave Me You,
A Black Man
Who Loves This Black Womb Of Man
Because Thru Me
Comes Eternal Life For He,
And His Eternal Nation
And Because Thru Me
All Other Races Become A Part Of Our Creation
A Product Of Our Curiosity
To Find Out What Makes Us Tick Thru Time
A Perpetual Clock
We Brought Others Out Of Me
Because We Wanted To See
What Is In Me,
In He
So We Could Study Me,
Study He
Original Scientists We Be
Discovering How To Become The Best "We"
And Become Truly Free
We Adapt
Because We Black
To All The Madness
We Let Them Put On Me, On He
Cause, See,
They Just A Temporary Thang,
Trying To Run Thangs
But Me,
Are The Mothers And Fathers Of Civilization
The Alpha & The Omega
The Beginning And Ending Of All Times
That Tick Like A Perpetual Clock
We Have Determined That, Like Matter,
We Can't Be Destroyed
But We Change Forms
And Time Is Calculated By Our Motion
If We Stop The World, They Will Get Off The World
Thenceforth, We Will Go On And On
Won't Happen Til We Get Sick And Tired
Of Being Sick And Tired
Of Their Silly Folly
Then They'll See Whose Really Running Things
We Adapt
Because We Black
As We Master Our Temper
And Direct The Four Winds
To Blow In Our Chosen Direction
Cause Hell Hath No Fury
Like A Black Man And His Woman's Scorn
See Cause I Was Born,
He Was Born,
We Was Born For This Day
And For This Hour
To Live A Long And Productive Life,
Exhibiting Unlimited Power
The Higher Consciousness
Lying Dormant In The Ancient, Genetic Memories
Are Awakening
As They Run Thru Our Blood
Like A Raging River Thru Our Veins
And We Are Beginning To Remember
What We Had Deliberately, Temporarily Hidden
Under The Sands Of Our Time
Till An Appointed Time
When We Would Use The Powers Of Our Divine Mind
To Remind You,
Us, We
Of The Creative Powers That Resides Inside
Hear Me ...
If You Recognize My Voice
Then You Are Awakening
You Are The Lion Pacing
Back And Forth In A Cage
3000 By 3000 Miles On This Isle
They Call North America
We Call You Back To Yourself
We Give You Back Your Roar
As You Look Back
Like The Sankofa Bird
Look Back To Restore
Your Will,
Redeem Your Courage
To Fight Fearlessly
For Your Right
Like The True Activist That You Are
You Are All That And Then Some
The Sum Total Of Everything That Is
We Adapt
Because We Black
And Remember That One Ounce Of The Blood Makes Us Whole
Makes You Non-White
A No-Non-Sense
Black Man, Woman, And Child,
The True Trinity
Always Here ...
Even When The Matter And Dust In Space
Was Doing Nothing
Until He Said "Be"
And Just Like I Willed For Myself Brains
So I Could Think Of What Else I Needed
To Exist As I Am Now
Just Like He Did,
Just Like We Do
Repeat In The Space Of Our Mother's Womb
When We Are Conceived
So That I Can Become Me,
He Can Become He,
Will Always Be
The Essence Of All Color
The Color Of The Triple Darkness Of The Womb
From Which You Come
And The Color Of The Depth Of The Soil
To Which You Will Succomb
So Don't Run
Walk, Stride, Then Fly Toward What You Are
And Remember, We Adapt
Because We Are Black

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad

A Glimpse of Heaven

My Pen

What Is My Stimulation?
What Is My Motivation?
What Is My Inspiration?
Is It Money, Fame, Power, Greed, Insecurities?
Is It Friendship? Mutual Suffering?
Or Unity With Like-Minded People With A Plan?
Is It Fear? Drugs? Alcohol?
Or Is It A Suggestion From Someone?
Or Maybe It's Sex?
Or Maybe Love?
Or Maybe It's All Of The Above!!!
What Drives Me To Write My Thoughts In Poetry?
It's Definitely Some Kind Of Power From Within
Whatever It Is That Moves Me
That Makes Me Like Stella
And Grooves Me
That Is What I Will Use For Me
To Achieve The Greatness That Is Me,
To Share
This Infinite Water-Well Of A Knowledge Tree
That Allows Me To Pick Its Fruit At Liberty
The Words Just Be Flowin Outta Me
It Just Flows Like The Movement Of The Earth
With Seldom A Bump Or Twitch
And It Don't Stop,
But As The Words Come To Me
It Stops Me From Getting My Day Started
In One Way
Because It Wants To Become The Start Of My Day
With Its Obsessive Way
Making Me To Pick Up My Pen
To Write The Words Down
As They Bathe Over My Brain
Like A Sweet Memory
That Lingers Even After It's Gone
My Pen Can't Move Fast Enough
To Catch Up With My Thoughts
Can This Writing Stop!!!
Because I Really Got More Things
To Do With My Day
Besides Write ...

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


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