Black Consciousness Awakening

No More Silence

If We Could Tell Our Story
To The World,
We Could Make A Brass Monkey Cry
The Jews Bombard Yo' Mind
With Their Suffering
They Lost Six Million,
But We Lost 100 Million
In The Middle Passage Alone
Now For Whom Should You Cry,
Cry For Us
Cry About The Slave Girl
Whose Child Was Sold
Before He Left The Womb
For The Slave Boy Who Was Lynched
And Castrated In Front Of Devils
Partying Around His Body,
Passing His Testicles
Oh Yeah, If We Could Tell Our Story
Tell About The Time
The Child Had To Watch His Momma
Nanny Masta's Child,
While His Three Day Old Sibling Wined,
And The House Negro Dined,
In The Back,
And Threw Out The Slop
To The Human Dogs
Oh Yeah, If We Could Tell Our Story
About The Pregnant Winch
Who Was Laid On Stage In Front Of All,
And The Devil Stomped Her Future
Into The Past, With His Football Spikes
'Cause She Said, "No"!!!
And What About
When They Hitched Another Woman
With Child
To Two Horses
One Leg Tied To Each Horse
They Say She Split,
And Out Popped The Unborn,
And You Want Me To Cry About
Jew-Skin Hand Bags
They Don't Own
The Monopoly On Suffering
If We Could Tell Our Story On Nbc,
Abc, Cbs, Pbs, Cnn, Nbn, Wlbs, Kace
And More
And Now Some Folks Think They Free??!!??!!
Who Blinded Yo' Eyes??
That Damn Tv
Gave Up The Revolution
Because The Devil Said To
You Ain't Forgot Who The Devil Is
Have You??
He Ain't Changed,
No Matter How Much You Love Them
And Marry Then
And Adopt Their Disgusting Ways
But They Only Getting You To Do
What You Really Wanna Do
'Cause You Don't Think
You Can Do Any Better
And You Think Their Ice Is Colder
And Now, Like Then,
You'll Fight Their Overt
And Covert And Subvert And CIA
And Contra And Gulf Wars
Just For The Money
And The So-Called Security
Oh Yeah, We've Got A Story To Tell
About The Black Soldier
And If We Could Tell Our Story
Of Today,
In The 1990's,
Of The Brother Who Was Castrated
And Hanged To A Tree,
And They Said It Was Suicide, Up North,
In Klan Country
Now Whitey Says, "Am I To Blame
For What My Fathers Did?"
And I Say Will You Live And Die
To Change What Your Fathers Did?
Will You Let The World See How You
Hate, Hate, Hate,
Love, Love, Love
All Over The Planet???
'Cause If You Love Us,
You See White Genetic Annihilation
Oh Yeah,
Yo' Forked Tongue's
About To Be Chopped Off
By The Bloods,
The Disciples,
The Warlords,
And The Crips
So You Better Try Hard
To Keep Us Doped Up,
With No Hope Up
In Our Heads,
Because When We Wake Up,
Your World's Just As Good As Dead,
And Then,
The Brass Monkey Will Smile!

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad

Inspired by and Dedicated to Brother Dr. Abdul Khallid Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with the work he did as a student in the Nation of Islam)


Romantic Love Poems

For Eternal Soul Mates

God Has Joined Two Hearts
That Shall Never Come Apart
Even Through The Storms
Treat Each Other Warm
And Speak Kind, Sweet Words
You'll Soar Like Love Birds
Stay Together
Travel Together
Through Time And Through Space
Yes, Leave This Place
Don't Hesitate
To Open Every Dimension's Gate
Let Go Of Insecurities
Arrange Your Life To Be Carefree
Go Around This Earth And The Universe
And To All The Moons
But Make God The Center
Of All You Think, Say And Do
For Once You've Found
Your Eternal Soul Mate
That One We All Search For
Someone You Can Admire
And Someone You Can Adore
Hold On To Each Other
Forever More

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


A Glimpse of Heaven

Awaken The God

We Are All Righteous Gods
Children Of The Most High
But We Had A Big Fall
We Took A Big Dive
But It's Been Heard
And It's Been Said
That Allah Is On The Scene
And It's Time
To Follow A Righteous Head
So Awaken The God
In Your Heart
Awaken The God
In Your Soul
Awaken The God
In Your Mind
Awaken The God
And Join Onto Your Own Kind
The God In Us Has Slept
For Over 50 Thousand Years
Now We're Sitting On These Corners
Smoking Dope And Drinking Beer
What Happened Is
We Were Hit In The Head
By A Fiend
With Tricks And His Lies
We're Now Demented and Demeaned
We've Allowed The Jinn To Rule
For 6,000 Years
It Whispers Into Our Hearts
And Makes Us All Fear
But Now The Time Has Come
For Us To Rise
To Seek Refuge In God
And Bind The Serpent's Demise
So Awaken The God
In Your Heart
Awaken The God
In Your Soul
Awaken The God
In Your Mind
When You Awaken The God
Peace And Self-Love You Will Find
One Reason Deceptive Intelligence
Is Still In Power
Is 'Cause People Are Asleep
Unaware Of The Hour
But Our Saviour Has Arrived
To Tell Us What Time It Is
It's Time To Awaken The God
So We'd Better Make It Our Biz
To Awaken The God
In Our Hearts
Awaken The God
In Our Souls
Awaken The God
In Our Minds
When We Awaken The God
Only Admiration Will We Find
In Order To Awaken The God
You've Got To Pray And Think Good
Study Supreme Wisdom
'Cause It's All Good
The Nation Of Islam
Is The Best Place
To Understand His Wisdom
And What He Requires Today
Most Of These Lip-Professors
Are Perpetrating A Fraud
They've Got You Worshipping The Son
And Not The Father, Allah
Why Would You Serve A Religion
That Condones Slavery
Islam Is Not For Cowards
It Will Make You Fearless and Free
So Give Beelzebub Back
His Names, Religions And Gods
Get Strong With Farrakhan,
Elijah And Master Fard
And They'll
Awaken The God
In Your Heart
Awaken The God
In Your Soul
Awaken The God
In Your Mind
Awaken The God
And All That You Seek
You Shall Find

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad

Inspired by the children in the University of Islam, 1991.


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