Romantic Love Poems

You Are So Precious

You Are So Precious To Me
Like Diamonds, Like Gold
You Have Touched My Soul
A Love Like This
Has Never Before Been Told
You Are So Precious To Me
I Am Helplessly Captured
By Your Attractive Charm
Like A Newborn Baby In Your Arms
Like A Young Girl Falling In Love
For The First Time
When I Imagine You
I Feel So Sexy And Fine
You Are So Precious To Me
Don't Ever Wanna Let You Go
Do You Know
What You Are Doing To Me
Baby, Can't You See
You Got Me Wrapped
You've Got A Strong Pull On Me
Like The Moon Pulls On The Earth
I Rotate Around Your Every Word
Like The Planets To The Sun
You Got Me Not Wanting To Be
With Anyone
But You
So Caught Up
I Be Having Things To Do
But Can't Seem To Make A Move
Until I Hear From You
You Are So Precious To Me
You Set My Heart Free
So Keep On Doing What You Doin'
And We, Two, Will Become Three.

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


A Glimpse of Heaven

I Am A Winner

Born To Win
Out Of The Millions
That Were Released
I Am The One
Who Swam The Fastest
And The Strongest
I Am The One
Who Met The Ovum Sitting There
Waiting To Die
Out Of The Millions
I Gave Her Life
I Am The One
Who Started The Metamorphosis
Inside The Darkness
I Am The Winner!!!
I Survived The Struggle
In A Hostile Environment
To Reach The Beginning
Of My Destiny
And Once I Made It
I Rotated And Evolved
And Emerged Into The Light
Inhaling The Breath Of Life
I Am The Winner!!!
Who Made It Through The Birth Canal
Into The World
To Proclaim To The World
That I Am Here!!!
There Is None Like Me!!!
The Original, The Winner, Born To Win!!!
I Am The Winner
And I Shall Win Again, And Again!!!

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


Black Consciousness Awakening

Back to Black (My 1st Rap)

Back To Black,
That's What I Say
Back To Black, It's The Only Way
It's The Only Way That We Can Be
One People And One Humanity
You May Be Brown, Yellow,
White Or Red
But If You Go To Your Roots,
Then You Know What's Ahead
It's Back To Black, That What I Say
Back To Black, It's The Only Way
Back To Black, Back To Black,
Back To Black
There Ain't Nothing Bad About Black
'Cause Every Color Comes From That
And If You Doubt What I Say,
Then Keep On Living
And You'll See The Day
When We Get
Back To Black, Back To Black,
Back To Black
The Black Produced It All
From Triple Darkness To Albinism
But We Had A Little Fall
And Allowed The White
To Produce This Schism
But Now We've Got Enough Knowledge
To Erase The Philosophies
Of This Devil's College
From Yale To Princeton To Ucla,
Even Al-Ahzar And Timbuktu
Better Get Back To Black
It's The Only Way
To Benefit Me And To Benefit You
When We Keep Changing Our Names
Others Wonder
What Our Trip's All About
So You So-Called Leaders
Stop Confusing The Issue
And Playing Games
Because You Know
That Without A Doubt
We Gotta Get
Back To Black, Back To Black,
Back To Black
I'm Talking Strong
'Cause Truth Gives You Courage
I'm Not Just An African American,
So That Term I Will Discourage
You Can't Limit Us By Territory Or Turf
'Cause What Belongs To Us
Is The Entire Earth
And The Universe
So The Term Black
Gives Me A Better Connection
Now Take This Advice
And Take This Correction
And Get
Back To Black, Back To Black,
Back To Black
Negro, Colored, Afro American
The Bottom Line Is
That You're Either A White Man
Or A Black Man
The Reason I Make It So Simple And Plain
'Cause Everything Of Color
Came From The Same
We Finna Get Back To Black,
And That's Good
Don't Fight The Word,
You Know We Should
Get Back To Black, That's What I Say
Back To Black, It's The Only Way
The Only Way That I Can See
For Us To Rise And Be Truly Free
Black Is Not Just A Skin Color
But It Is The Real Mother
Of A State Of Mind That Says
That All Of Hue-Manity
Is Your Blood Brother
So Brothers And Sisters,
I Know What This World Is Coming To
It's Back To Black, It's The Original
Back To Black, It's The Beginning
Back To Black, It's Universal
Back To Black, It's The Cream
Back To Black, It's The Best
Back To Black, Soon You Will See
Back To Black, The Future Is Me
Back To Black, It's The Core
Back To Black, Say It Once More
Back To Black!!!!!

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


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