Black Consciousness Awakening

Songs to the Door of Life

Where Are All The Singers
Who Used To Sing
Of What's Happening Today?
Have Their Hopes And Dreams
Been Deferred,
And Like A Flower, Withered Away?
Songs Like Yes, We Can, Can
Ball Of Confusion
And What's Goin' On
Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud
And Bring The Boys Home
Songs That Lifted The Spirit
And Made You Wanna Dance
To A Happy Beat
Songs Like Wake Up Everybody,
And Keep Your Head To The Sky
Were, Oh, So Sweet
If I Could, I Should, I Would
Throw Most Of These New Lyrics
In The Gutter
But Usually All The Oppressor
Will Distribute And Promote Is Trash,
And The Average Negro Don't Care
'Cause That's His Bread And Butter
The Rich Get Richer
Off Money, Money, Money,
And That's The Way Of The World
But I Remember Innervisions,
Smilin' Faces,
And Oh Yes, Be My Girl
Naw, I Ain't Forgot About
The Gospel Writers
They Doin' What They
Think They Should
But Everybody Don't Wanna
Listen To That All The Time,
'Cause Jesus Wasn't The Only Prophet
Who Did Good
So If You're Living For The City,
And You Trying To Get Solid As A Rock,
Don't Let This Cold World
Get You Down
You See,
This Is The Day We'll Have
A Harvest For The World,
Like A Family Reunion,
'Cause Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now!!

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


A Glimpse of Heaven

All Women, Come Alive

We're Alive
We're Resurrected From The Dead
And We're Ready
To Accept His Head
We Heard The Trumpet
The Final Call
And Now We've Risen
From Our Great Fall
All Of His People, We Will Save
Lift Humanity From A Shallow Grave
And Change This World
Because We're Dissatisfied
That Our Girls Are Not Dignified
Men And Boys, Become Galvanized
Let's Quell The Weakness
Inside Of Us. Yes, It Must
Be Suppressed
And Do Our Best
To Rule Without Guile or Vanity
And Humbly, Accept His Sanity
Use Aaron's Rod
To Return This Planet
Back To God
Because We're Alive And Ready To Strive
Against Those Who Disbelieve
In Their Own Power And Prefer To Cower
The Women Of God
Are On The Scene
We're Really Nice
But When We Have To
We Will Be Mean
We'll Never Again
Allow A Deceitful Snake
Steal Our Virtue
Yeah, We Will Hurt You
Because Hell Has No Fury
Like God's Woman's Scorn
This Is The Right Day To Be Born
Because We're Alive
We're Resurrected From The Dead
And If We Have To
We'll Take Some Heads
Oh, God, Allah, We Understand
Why You're Our First Man
Just Like Mary, You Will Use Us
To Bring Jesus
Back To The World
To Crush The Wicked
So We Can Live On This Planet
The Way You Planned It
Because We're Alive
We're Resurrected From The Dead
And We're Ready
To Accept Your Head
All Women Of God Come Alive
And Let's Rise
Let's Rise

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


Romantic Love Poems

Love Is ...

Love Is Not Jealousy
Love Is Sharing
Love Is Not Possession
Love Is Caring
Love Is Not Assuming In Ignorance
Love Is To Know And Understand
Love Is Not The Flesh
Love Is The Spirit
Of A Woman And A Man
Love Is Responsibility And Duty
Love Is God's Gift Of Beauty
Love Is This And Much More
Love Is A Pure Heart
Towards One That I Adore
Love Is Life And The Abundance Of
Love Is Feeling That You Know
What Is Love . . .

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


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