A Glimpse of Heaven

Next Time, Produce A God

It's Time To Create Gods
From Our Wombs
Man Is Through
Produce Children
Who Will Rule
Create A Child
Who Will Make A Difference
Clean Up Your Seed, Your Egg
So That He Can Place His Mind
In Our Babies' Heads
Humanity Has Fallen
To The Level Of Savagery
Worshipping Things
The Creation
Not The Creator Do We See
Make A Nation
Who Will Teach
A Higher Way Of Civilization
No Need To Follow The Practices
Of Immoral Cultures And Traditions
For The Children Of God
Are To Lead The Whole Of Humanity
Into An Upward-Moving Condition
A Religion Is A Way Of Life
So Live On The Level Of God
Creating, Building
Replenishing, Growing
Not Like An Aimless River
Just Flowing
You Can Produce A God
With The Unlimited Capacity
To Beat All The Odds
Not Mass Murderers Or Serial Killers
Only Saviours And Healers
To Produce A God
Keep Good Thoughts In Your Mind
And Then The Earth We Live On
Will Be Just Fine

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad

Inspired by Minister Farrakhan's lecture series "How To Give Birth To A God" and the book "How To Create The Perfect Baby"


Black Consciousness Awakening

Thoughts About Saviours' Day 1986

You Know,
I Can Understand
How My Brother Farrakhan Feels
To Go Away, Get More Wisdom,
Come Back,
And Everybody Else Still Ain't Got Real
It Makes You Feel Like
You're All Alone
On A Planet Full Of Life
But While You're Growing,
Everybody's Standing Still
Moping Over Their Misery And Strife
Brother Farrakhan,
I Left My City, Went To Hear Those
Good Words On Saviours' Day
And When I Returned,
I Felt I'd Grown In Knowledge,
Grown In Understanding,
But Everybody Else Seemed
The Same Old Way
I Said, "What's Happening?
Am I In The Twilight Zone?
I Know We All Got The Same Call,
But Only A Few Of Us
Answered The Phone?!"
He Ain't Asking Us To Do Nothing
That Is Too Hard
Say Our Prayers, Love Each Other,
And Put Those Of Us Together
That Have Come Apart
Allah Don't Owe Us Nothing,
Not Even The Air We Breath
So We Better Get Up
And Start Working Like The Ants,
The Birds, And The Bees
Now I Know We Ain't Got Much Money,
And We Are All Trying To Just Make
Each Day Through
Nevertheless, I'm Determined
That I'm Gonna Write Poetry
To Get The Word Out To The People,
So You'd Better Decide
What You're Gonna Do
He Put Us On This Planet
So We Can Enjoy Life
And Leave Our Signature On This Creation
So When Our Children Grow Up,
They Can Say,
"Look At What Allah
Allowed Our Parents To Leave Us
This Is Some Mighty Nation!!"

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


Romantic Love Poems

Never Give Up On Love

I'll Never Give Up On Love
Broken Hearted And All
It Will Heal
Going Through Changes
Being Hurt
But I'll Get Over It
And Be Looking Again
Cause It Makes The World Go Round
And I'll Go Round
Cause I'll Never Give Up On Love
Love Makes Your Heart Sing
Cause When You're In Love
Nothing Else Matters
Only The One You Love
But When That Love Leaves
And You Go Through The Changes
What Else Can You Do
But Regroup And Believe
And Never Give Up On Love
On Being In Love
On Finding That One Love
Your Love
The Metamorphosis Of Life
And The Cycles Of Life Say
That You'll Grow Out Of A Sour Love
Regenerate And Find A New Love
If You Believe And Be Patient
He'll Send You A True Love
An Equal Love
Never Give Up On Love
Would You Give Up On God
Cause He Is Love
Never Give Up On Love

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


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