Romantic Love Poems

A New Love

Look What I Have Found
Someone Who I Can Love
Even After This World Comes Down
I Think That You Are
All I Ever Dream Of In A Man
I Think That All That You Want In A Woman
Is All That I Am
If Ever There Was A Love
That Can Last Forever,
I Think This Will
If Ever There Were Two Minds
That Can Compliment Each Other,
I Think Ours Will
Look What I Have Found
A Love That Will Last
Even After This World Comes Down
A Love That Some Search A Lifetime For
A Love That Never Dies
But Craves For More
I Wonder What You Think
If You Feel The Same Way
If You Let My Heart Tell It
You Will Be Mine Forever And A Day
If I Try To Fight This Love
I Would Surely Die
No, I Wouldn't
I Would Live
But My Heart Would Cry
Cry To Be Held By You
Cry To Be With You
Cause It Is Like A Love
That Is Too Good To Be True
Everything Clicks, Everything Flows
All Of What You've Experienced
Is All Of What I Know
So How Can I Fight Something
So Natural, Real And Divine
A Love This Perfect
Comes Rare In One Lifetime
So I Will Lower My Guard
And Open My Heart, Mind And Soul
For A Love That Will Last Eternally
And Never, Ever Grow Old

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


Black Consciousness Awakening

From The East Unto The West

God Has Come

He Truly Has

To Bring Us That Which Will Forever Last

He Came In The Person

Of Master Fard Muhammad

And Raised One From Dust,

And Called Him The Messenger,

Elijah Muhammad

He Sowed In His Essence

Supreme Wisdom And Knowledge

The Teachings You Don't Get

From The White Man's College

Then The Messenger Raised His Disciples

Like Malcolm, And Farrakhan,

And Thousands Of Followers

And Took Us From The Mud Of This World

In Which We Were Wallowers

He Taught Us How To Eat To Live,

As Jesus Came To Give Us Life

He Taught Us How To Walk Through

The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death (America),

And Now We Don't Carry So Much As A Pin-Knife

Many Try To Destroy

The Wisdom Being Taught,

But You Can't Destroy A God-Send,

We Can't Be Bought

You Should Think Again

Who Concocted The Various Religions

Our People Are In?

Does It Make You Love Yourself And Your Kind?

Or Does It Teach You To Reach

For Something In The Sky

Something You Can't Prove,

And Actually, You'll Never Find?

When We Become Ten Thousand Actively Strong,

Then You'll See Why Right,

Is Never Wrong!!

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad

A Glimpse of Heaven


Prayer Is The Perfect Mother
On Her, I Do Lean
She Nurtures Me To Strength
And From Such I Shan’t Wean
Prayer Is For Allah
Between My Heart And Myself
He Provides My Health
And He Provides My Wealth
For On Allah, Is My Mind
So I Make Him My Guide
I Ask Him For His Blueprint
Because From Him I Am Designed
Prayer Keeps Me Straight
Makes Me Patient, So I Can Wait
For What I’ve Prayed
Prayer Is What I Breathe
What I Need
It Gives Me Faith In The Unseen
Prayer Is My Life. My Tears, It Wipes
When I’m Tired Out
It’s My Second Wind
When I Feel In Doubt
It’s My Loyal Friend
And Reminds Me Again
Prayer Is My Meditation
My Consultation
My Constant Meeting With My Lord
My Faithful Companion
No Longer Bored
I Bow, I Prostrate
And With A Low Voice I Utter
The Prescribed Words
At The Prescribed Times
Then I Open My Eyes
I See The Answers To My Right
And To My Left. Inside My Father
And My Sisters And My Brothers
Yes, Prayer Is The Perfect Mother

--by Your Sister, Caryette Muhammad


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